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Mission Vale Township Ministries

In the heart of Missionvale lies a rocky, undeveloped piece of land. Often used as a dumping ground for rubble. The Soweto roses, as discarded plastic bags are known as, is everywhere to be seen. But God has a different purpose for these two acres of land.

In the beginning of 2023, United Calvary Ministries, a church in Missionvale, was granted the rights to erect temporary buildings on the property and now standing proudly is a crèche and clinic.

Shahida Booyse, the principal, saw the need for a crèche in Missionvale after becoming unemployed in 2017. Poverty and gangsterism is a huge concern for the residents of Missionvale and Shahida, together with the Leadership of the church, started a small Daycare centre which has now grown into a crèche for fifty children between the ages of 0 and 7 years. UCM is a happy place for these children and with a daily meal, dedicated teachers, and the Word of God, they thrive in this community.

United Calvary MinistriesThe idea of a clinic was born when we were visited by Village South Africa’s Mobile Medical Missions team. The need for medical assistance for young and old was noticeably clear. The only clinic currently in Missionvale, cannot keep up with the demand and Sister Eugene Fischer, a qualified sister and lecturer at the Nelson Mandela University, now volunteers two days a week to this project.

New Life family church, a local church in Port Elizabeth, oversees the running of this campus. The church has been actively involved in feeding children at schools and creches in Missionvale for the past 25 years. The church is taking hands with the clinic to get involved in family planning. Teenage pregnancies have become an epidemic in Missionvale and while the clinic on the one hand will get involved with contraceptives, this development in Missionvale has made it possible for the church to get involved on the spiritual side.

We are excited to see the hand of God move and the kingdom of God being advanced. Starting by being God’s hands and feet to the community.

Mission Vale Township Ministries
Mission Vale