Bringing the light and hope of Christ to orphans and vulnerable children of SA though Christian values and education.

Educational Partners

Alexandria Christian Academy (ACA)

Alexandria Christian Academy provides Bible-based education and discipleship to students from Preschool to Grades 12. ACA believes each child has been individually gifted and equipped to accomplish their unique destiny. They provide a first-world education that meets the needs of each student in line with God’s calling on their lives. ACA students play, learn and serve their community and do it with a smile.

Global Leadership Academy (GLA)

GLA’s purpose and passion is encouraging students and young adults to seek Jesus Christ in everything they do. Offering a life-changing education where students are disciplined and focus on servant leadership. Traveling missions programs are available for students with aptitude and a willingness to seek God through missions. Through global partners in the UK and Germany, GLA also offers multiple bachelor and master degree programs.

Mission Vale Township Ministries

Mission Vale Township Ministries

In the heart of Missionvale lies a rocky, undeveloped piece of land. Often used as a dumping ground for rubble. The Soweto roses, as discarded plastic bags are known as, is everywhere to be seen. But God has a different purpose for these two acres of land.

In the beginning of 2023, United Calvary Ministries, a church in Missionvale, was granted the rights to erect temporary buildings on the property and now standing proudly is a crèche and clinic.

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Get Involved

VSA is in a unique position of fostering long-term relationships with organizations offering first-world education to orphans and vulnerable children. Our members and local South African volunteers have been connecting the hearts and resources of Americans to help change the trajectory of children’s lives in South Africa for over 20 years. Would you consider sponsoring a child’s education for a better tomorrow today?

  • Different Ways You can Engage:
  • Sponsor a child’s educational needs
  • Meet and engage your sponsored child
  • Sponsor a child’s daily needs through orphan care
  • Participate in mission trips
  • Encourage your Church to expand their Global Impact
Megan and her sponsored student Alu

Megan and her sponsored student Alu

Ninety percent of every donation directly reaches a child in need and is carrying out the Great Commission commanded upon us by Jesus Christ. Donations may be made securely online.

Changing South Africa…One Student at a Time

Who We Are

Through 20 years of uplifting children in need, we’ve discovered the best way to change a child’s future is to provide them with a first-world Christian education that disciples them in Christ. This enables them to change their station in life and bring the hope of Christ to those around them. Will you be a part of our mission of uplifting the children of South Africa through Christian Education?

For more information or to donate securely on-line, click here or contact us:


Village South Africa
PO Box 861232
Shawnee, KS 66286

The Challenge

  • 70% of black children fatherless
  • 64% of black families live below poverty line – less than $2/day
  • 39% of black South Africans unemployed
  • Only 14% of black children finish high school
  • Government schools broken and without hope
  • Culture has roots in ancestors worship
  • The Church and Christian values over-powered by the darkness of the culture

Uplifting and Empowering the Children of South Africa through Christian Education.

The Solution

Christian Education – Partner with Alexandria Christian Academy and Global Leadership Academy


  • Sponsor a child’s education
  • Engage with sponsored children through quarterly feedback
  • 90% of donations go directly to students in need
  • VSA is a 501C3 non profit

Mission Statement

Bringing the light and hope of Christ to orphans and vulnerable children of SA through Christian values and education. VSA partners with individual sponsors and organizations to help transform lives one child at a time.

Vision Statement

VSA connects the hearts and resources of thousands of Americans to help change the trajectory of children’s lives. That the children know the love and goodness of Jesus, and become productive and engaged members of their communities.