You can sponsor a student from Jehovah Jireh Haven to Alexandria Christian Academy for $175.00 monthly.

This will allow a child in need to receive a strong, Christian based education. Go to our donate page to get set up! Or for more information email

Alexandria Christian Academy

Alexandria Christian Academy

Alexandria Christian Academy provides Bible-based education, from Grade RRR to Grade 12. We believe that each child has been individually gifted and equipped to accomplish their unique destiny. It is therefore our intention to provide end to end education solutions that will meet the needs of each student in line with their specific strengths. Not all students are the same and not all students learn in the same way.

The school offers different sporting activities, and is mainly focused on individual sports. The main sporting events are the Christian Interschools Athletics, Cross Country, Netbal and Swimming. Family activities are encouraged like family camps and family dinners.

We pride ourselves in an excellent Academic individualized program that has been confirmed by feedback, we get from universities and letters of congratulations from Rhodes, Stellenbosch and Pretoria. Holistic education in Body Mind and spirit is the tool in our hands to change the community of Alexandria, One Child at a Time.

“No matter what a school may have to offer in the way of an education and good friends and the chance of a good job later, if it is not somehow also a place where student and teacher alike can become more and more of what it means to be truly human, then it is the wrong place for them both because without this all the rest is only business.”

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