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December 1, 2015
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April 7, 2017

Transkei Update

Meet Lambo and Nomnto Mabunda, our new mission couple in the Transkei.

Meet Lambo and Nomnto Mabunda, our new mission couple in the Transkei.

 Brad and Joyce Rauch- We met with Lambo and Nomnto Mabunda, the new mission couple. We are excited about them and we feel with mentoring they could be a long term answer. They have a passion to raise up leaders, resurrect the church in Bambisana.

We took them to visit Mama Christina and our soup club at Mtende. Of course we took Nomi along with us everywhere. We are really going to miss her when she retires. She is hoping for August.

We asked Lambo and Nomnto if they would take over the soup club at Mtende when Nomi leaves and they enthusiastically agreed. This of course, is contingent upon the probationary period and funding for the future for them. They will also need a vehicle. They attended the River Bible Institute in East London and spent time working with Pastor Leon in Alexandria the past year or so. Several of the people of the church gave us good reports.

At Mtende the water tank was overflowing with fresh water. What a blessing. Aviala, Mama Nomakhyas daughter says it has saved them three trips a day to the stream. When we arrived at Mtende, there were about 6 mamas there that we knew were not a part of this club. Rufus asked Nomi about it and she said they are from a village over the hill and they want a soup club too. We didn’t meet with them, because we can’t offer anything at this time. It is sad.

There were about 70 kids there, some from the other village. There was only enough food for about 50 and you could see how hungry they all were.

It is obvious that God is on the move in Transkei!