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May 6, 2019
Village South Africa

Spring 2019 Update from the Field

Thank you for your encouragement, prayers and support of the ministries we serve in South Africa. Exciting things are happening because of YOU!
March 18, 2019

Publish His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does! 1 Chronicles 16:24 (NLT)

Yes, I am heading back to South Africa tomorrow morning for three weeks!  I am so excited to see this amazing country once again and especially to spend time with all our friends, Mama Christina, Mama Nomakhya, Mama Gladys, Gretel and Molly, all the children they serve and so many […]
November 20, 2018

It has been an amazing year. Glory to God for all he is doing!

Thank you so much for partnering with us in South African missions! We are so grateful for your prayers, financial gifts and your heart to be involved.
February 22, 2018

When God Changes Your Plans

Curiosity led me to a meeting about the upcoming South Africa trip sponsored by my church. My wife and I had visited about me going on a mission trip some time but this was the biggest step I had ever taken toward that goal. When I walked in the door for the meeting, I had no plans to go on the trip. When I walked out of the door, I was ready to sign on the dotted line.
February 22, 2018

A Girl named Hope

As I sit here pondering what to say about South Africa my mind goes to one place…Hope! In the last year that word has taken on a whole new meaning to me and those closest to me and really anyone who will listen.