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Mtinde village

Mtinde is a small village located high on a back road in the Transkei.

This village has an amazing Mama named Nomakhya and she has a soup club and Christian daycare in her home. Several years ago, a group from the US had funding to start this soup club, but after the organization disbanded, Mama Nomakhya’s funds dried up.

She continued to feed the children out of her own poverty, but did not have the resources to really take care of the children. Rufus Luttig discovered  Mama Nomakhya feeding tiny bites of soup to the children on a visit over  4 years ago.  We then began the process of finding a sponsor under the Village South Africa banner.  We brought a couple to Mtinde in April of 2014, and they were so impressed by the Lord to take the sponsorship on! It was wonderful to help them purchase the cook top, propane, utensils and food to begin serving the 50-70 children there.  In 2016 we also had a sponsor pay for a water catchment system for the center.  Mama Nomakhya’s two daughters were hauling 5 gallons of water on their heads from a stream about a mile below the village.  A team came and installed the tank and now there is plenty of clean water for the children. We are so thankful for sponsors and volunteers to make a difference in Mtinde.

Mtinde village

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