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Jehovah Jireh Haven

You can sponsor a child at Jehovah Jireh Haven for just $30.00 monthly.

This takes care of meals, clothing and helps with education. Go to our donate page to get set up! Or for more information email

Jehovah Jireh Haven (JJH) Jehovah Jireh Haven (JJH) is a place of safety for vulnerable South African children in Alexandria, Eastern Cape, established by Molly and Cornelius (Neels) Bam. They have given their home, love and care to hundreds of abandoned, abused, HIV/AIDS-infected, disabled and orphaned children since 1992. JJH is currently a permanent home to about 50 children and provides daycare for about the same number of children, operating as a drop-in center/partial care facility for the South African Department of Social Development. Besides the children’s basic needs of food, clothing and a place of safety being provided for, their need to be loved and to feel special is of the greatest importance. Over the years, Molly and Neels have used their own resources to provide for the children with the aid of unsolicited donations. This is no longer sustainable, with increased numbers and rising costs requiring that further fundraising has become essential.

To provide for the longer term, the work was given a formal structure through the formation of a non-government organization (NGO), which was registered in 2010 as both a Non-Profit Organization and a Public Benefit Organization. The management committee of volunteers is represented by different sectors of the community and has competency in general and financial management and the care of children.

In addition to what the Bams have donated (a portion of their smallholding to the JJH NGO) and with the help of the committee, two government-funded homes have been built on this land. Each home houses up to seven children and a foster mother. It is envisioned that four additional homes will be built along with a resource center, gardens and recreation areas when funds become available.

Unlike some organizations that have significant fund-raising costs, all money donated to JJH is used specifically to meet the needs of the children. Details of the structure, aims and objectives of the NGO are given in the constitution of JJH which can be found on the JJH website.

Village South Africa helps raise funding in the US. You can donate securely here on our website. $30 per month will support one child. JJH also has ongoing projects that need funding and always welcomes teams and individuals to come visit and help the children.

Molly Bam JJ Haven Founder
Molly Bam JJ Haven Founder
Molly Bam and Volunteers
Molly Bam and Volunteers

22 years ago Molly & Neels Bam founded Jehovah Jireh Children’s Haven.

“Jehovah Jireh” is Hebrew for “God will provide our every need,
according to the riches in heaven”.

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