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December 1, 2015
December 1, 2015



I have travelled to South Africa nine times in the past several years. Every trip to serve there has its own stories!

One in particular, had an amazing impact on me and it does to others whenever I share it.

Even though it is South Africa, the Transkei region still gets cold in winter time. Many of the rondoval’s do not even have doors or windows. Most people do not have adequate clothing or blankets either.

Our amazing friend, Mama Nomtandanzo is a missionary in Transkei from with the Dutch Reform Church. She ministers to people living with HIV/AIDS, administrates our soup clubs and always knows where the needs are within the community.

We took blankets on a trip a couple of years ago and asked “Nomi”, where they could be best used. She took us to a home with no windows, doors or even coverings on the cow dung floor. The disabled grandma was sitting on the ground surrounded by her 11 grandchildren. The grandma’s three daughters had all died from AIDS, leaving her to care for them on her meager pension (approximately $107/month). When the grandma passes away, it will be left to the oldest to care for the younger siblings.

Because of the culture, sex is permitted at an early age. Often, the young mother will not have the participation of the father in raising the child or children which places an additional responsibility on the mother’s family. This is a typical situation and one of the reasons we have committed to help empower, educate and equip those we have the opportunity to serve.

As you look at this situation, please pray and ask the Lord to bring workers to this field to share the hope of Jesus and the changes that only he can bring.