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About Village South Africa

Village-South Africa is a 501(c)3 non profit organization established in the U.S. to help bring sustainable change to the vulnerable and impoverished children of South Africa. Specifically, the organization provides community investments, food, education and medical care, along with physical, emotional and spiritual uplifting. Unique in structure, the board of directors possesses members from both the United States and South Africa to address the current needs, cultural states and long-term interests of the communities that are being served.

Board member Rufus Luttig founded Pondoland for Christ, a faith-based charity outreach to the Xhosa people in the Transkei region of South Africa and has been involved with outreach for over 20 years. Through this and HuntSA Safari and Ministries in South Africa, there was success in bringing non-residents over to South Africa for photo and hunting safaris and introducing them the needs of the people. This effort also provides food to the children through the harvest of the game. Through this work, Village South Africa was founded to harness the power of hearts around the world to enhance good works on the ground. As visitors and hunters return to their home countries and share their stories, this creates a ripple effect of people becoming involved who are far beyond the savannahs, coastal cities and shanty towns of South Africa.

Many civic organizations, churches, foundations and individuals have joined hands to help.

Village South Africa
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Get Involved

There are a variety of service opportunities available with Village South Africa. Whatever your skills, they can be put to use.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Jehovah Jireh Haven in Alexandria, Medical Mission Team, HIV education and a variety of soup clubs in the Transkei.

VillageSA in the Media

VillageSA in the Media

Learn more about what we do through the eyes of those who have been there with amazing stories from in the field in South Africa.

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