2022 Spring Praises
April 3, 2022
Door of Hope Children’s Home
2022 Spring Prayers
April 3, 2022

This season we’re highlighting two projects our donors have been called to support. The first is Alexandria Christian Academy’s success in winning its offer to buy the school’s building. An offer at half the asking price was made about a year ago and was recently accepted. A partial gift was made by specific VSA donors to assist in making the offer and patience and perseverance certainly paid off. With the addition to the school in 2021 sponsored by VSA and opening last year, we’re truly making a difference in providing more opportunities for Christian education in South Africa.

Progress has been made in getting our Door of Hope children equipped to begin their school year. Construction work throughout the orphanage was completed building new floors and ceilings throughout the orphanage. Electrical plumbing was also overhauled. Lastly, the entire interior of the house was painted. Having a refurbished orphanage is a wonderful way to start the children off for the new year.

Our retreat center has also been progressing. Continuing the call of VSA to establish a respite for volunteers and missionaries. Rafters are currently being hung to complete the second story of the center and bathrooms are set to be installed by a team of missionaries this summer. We thank all our generous donors over the last few years and the teams of missionaries who have worked so hard to bring this project to near completion.