P1130585In the middle of the Transkei region of South Africa lies the tiny village of Bambisana. It is a place where miracles are happening!I

Years ago, the Dutch Reformed Church developed a base of sorts in the Transkei (meaning “across the Kei River) – two acres with a variety of buildings. The base fell into disarray, due to neglect. Six years ago, the church gave permission for a Christian non-profit to renovate and make improvements. Since then, a new fence has been built, painting has taken place, bathrooms have been built and redone, and the church roof has been replaced. The base has served as a residence for local missionaries, a soup club distribution point, a safe haven for the area’s children, and a local community center for HIV education.

The local missionaries have developed trust and relationships with villagers. They have been invited into the schools and have the blessing of the village leader, a very significant cultural achievement.

Through the long-term commitment to the area, generational changes have occurred. This includes children who grew up with outreach assistance now helping other generations.