HIV Outreach

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.05.48 AMHIV & Aids Education, HIV & AIDS Education, support, counseling and linkage to care in Eastern Cape communities:

More than one in ten South Africans are HIV positive. Our passion and calling for training communities in Transkei, South Africa about HIV and AIDS was sparked when we launched our first campaign during September 2012. We are dedicated to help turn the tide against HIV infections and AIDS by involving the people we serve. We work strategically with our valuable sponsors and partners to empower individuals in these communities with knowledge, to act, and to share it.

Our main objectives:

  • To create awareness and educate the community about HIV and AIDS and the impact it has on the individual, and the community at large;
  • To equip and set up a succession plan for sustainable support in the future;
  • To lay a foundation in building lasting relationships and trust.