Door of Hope

IMGP1545Door of Hope was established as a non-government organization (NGO) in 1992 by Gladys Panda (Mama Gladys) in Motherwell, South Africa, just outside of Port Elizabeth on the Eastern Cape. In 2005, current board members Andy Brown and Traci Johnson traveled to Door of Hope’s original farm children’s home to meet with Mama Gladys. They listened and learned abundantly about their needs, the area and the culture of the children.

In 2009, the children’s home moved to its current urban location, where it provides for 40 children. Village South Africa provides financial support, educational opportunities and awareness for the needs of these children and Mama Gladys. Throughout the past decade, Mama Gladys has exhausted her personal resources to benefit the lives of “her kids”. We aim to continue to expand her work, hand in hand.