Transkei Update

Meet Lambo and Nomnto Mabunda, our new mission couple in the Transkei.

Meet Lambo and Nomnto Mabunda, our new mission couple in the Transkei.

 Brad and Joyce Rauch- We met with Lambo and Nomnto Mabunda, the new mission couple. We are excited about them and we feel with mentoring they could be a long term answer. They have a passion to raise up leaders, resurrect the church in Bambisana.

We took them to visit Mama Christina and our soup club at Mtende. Of course we took Nomi along with us everywhere. We are really going to miss her when she retires. She is hoping for August.

We asked Lambo and Nomnto if they would take over the soup club at Mtende when Nomi leaves and they enthusiastically agreed. This of course, is contingent upon the probationary period and funding for the future for them. They will also need a vehicle...

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Worlds AIDS Day

condom package jen blog world AIDS dayBy Jennifer Agee (first published December 1, 2010)

Today is World AIDS Day. Living in a country so devastated by the virus it is impossible to look past the effects the AIDS crisis has had on this country. There are commercials here about how to have an HIV free baby when your partner is positive. There are Sesame Street type shows for kids about HIV/ AIDS and in the schools the examples given in their elementary school books often have a character with HIV. It is always heartbreaking to see someone in the final stages of AIDS, the sores, the pain the dementia characteristics. What breaks my heart even more are the children who have to fight this battle.

Yesterday, I received a call that an 8 month old baby girl at one of our children’s homes passed away...

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IMG_1941By Becky Voigt

Driving from East London, South Africa toward the Transkei, down into a steep valley, crossing the Kei River – hence this area’s name. I find myself sorting through a mixture of feelings: excitement, awe, fear, sorrow.

The Transkei of South Africa is a 17,000-square-mile area with approximately two million residents speaking the Xhosa (pronounced “Kosa”) language. This area is a place of exquisite beauty with rolling hills and lush landscape, yet an incredibly sad history. It was a designated destination during the forced removals of black people from white South Africa in the 1970’s and 1980’s. A part of this people’s history is one of being servants – providing labor in exchange for food and shelter...

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I have travelled to South Africa nine times in the past several years. Every trip to serve there has its own stories!

One in particular, had an amazing impact on me and it does to others whenever I share it.

Even though it is South Africa, the Transkei region still gets cold in winter time. Many of the rondoval’s do not even have doors or windows. Most people do not have adequate clothing or blankets either.

Our amazing friend, Mama Nomtandanzo is a missionary in Transkei from with the Dutch Reform Church. She ministers to people living with HIV/AIDS, administrates our soup clubs and always knows where the needs are within the community.

We took blankets on a trip a couple of years ago and asked “Nomi”, where they could be best used...

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Chicken Scraps

By Becky Voigt

While serving in the Transkei, I met a young man, Raphael, who had lived in an overcrowded orphanage as a child. When he got into trouble, he ran away from the orphanage and was living on his own. Raphael had come into contact with a mission organization that provided him a place to live. Though now 20 years old, he was working on finishing high school. He is a humble, gentle, young man who didn’t seem comfortable visiting with us noisy Americans, yet he was always respectful.

One day, I was preparing a meal when Raphael and his friend walked through the kitchen. They saw me taking chicken off the bones and putting the skin and bones in a bowl to throw away. The garbage was thrown in a pit behind the house and burned as necessary...

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By Jennifer Agee

As I walked into the shack the home was tidy, the floors were clean, there was a clean school uniform hanging on the wall and the dishes were neatly put away.  There was a faint smell of cooked rice that hung in the air. The mama was smiling from ear to ear and she gave me the biggest hug. You know those hugs you get when you can tell somebody really means it. While we were still holding one another I whispered in her ear with tears in my eyes, “I am so proud of you mama. I am so, so proud.” The power of the moment was huge because I could not have honestly said this to her 8 months ago. Here is the story of a life – a family transformed.

8 Months Ago – When I walked into the shack the place was a mess...

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